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Troy Fernandez & Friends - Collaboration Artist: Troy Fernandez & Friends
Title: Collaboration
Category: Island Contemporary

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at $16.89

Catalog #: CD356

Tracks with links play Real Audio Real Audio Clip and/or MP3 samples mp3 icon

1. Get Back In the Game - mp3 sample
2. Once Ago w/ Kela Keala (Ekolu) - mp3 sample
3. Why w/Unity - mp3 sample
4. Oh Baby w/Big Every Time (B.E.T.) - mp3 sample
5. We Are The Warriors - mp3 sample
6. Reggae Music w/the Rockers - mp3 sample
7. Do You Love Me w/Mackenzie - mp3 sample
8. If It Ain't Real Love w/Big Every Time (B.E.T.) - mp3 sample
9. From the Soul w/ Shaka B.(Typical Hawaiians) - mp3 sample
10. Nothing Can Change This Love w/Kela Keala (Ekolu) - mp3 sample
11. Ala Moana Bowls w/ Kaulana Pakele (Tapa Groove) - mp3 sample
12. It Hurt So Good - mp3 sample

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Comments:Collaboration 1 is a collection of talented artists blended with the unique ukulele style of Troy Fernandez (of Kaau Crater Boys). This album produces upbeat island contemporary and reggae groove sounds. This new release features ten original songs with two cover songs. The opening track, Get Back In The Game describes the memorable experiences and success Troy and long-time partner of Kaau Crater Boys, Ernie Cruz Jr., shared for many years until their desire to pursue individual endeavors.

Established local artists that have put their signature style on Collaboration 1 include Ekolus Kela Keala on Once Ago and Nothing Can Change This Love. B.E.T. contributes their talents on tracks 4, Oh Baby and 8, If It Aint Real Love.

Other established artists that have laid their signatures on Collaboration 1, includes Shaka B of Typical Hawaiians on track 9, From the Soul and Kaulana Pakele of Tapa Groove (formerly Manao Company) on track 11, Ala Moana Bowls.

Notable newcomers that should not go unnoticed include the female trio called Unity performing Why, The Rockers performing Reggae Music, and Mackenzie performing Do You Love Me.


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