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Pua'ena Artist: Rev. Dennis Kamakahi
Title: Pua`ena (Glow Brightly)
Category: Traditional

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Catalog #: CD82

Tracks with links play Real Audio Real Audio Clip and/or MP3 samples mp3 icon

1. Ahe Lau Makani (The Breeze that wafts through the leaves) - Real Audio Clip - mp3 sample
2. Sweet By and By (courtship song) - mp3 sample
3. Kapeta (a friendship song) - mp3 sample
4. Hilo Rag - mp3 sample
5. Kaua`i O Mano - Real Audio Clip - mp3 sample
6. Apapane (Queen Lili'uokalani's compared love to a crimson bird, mountain rain forests) - mp3 sample
7. Koke`e - Real Audio Clip - mp3 sample
8. Ipo Lei Manu (Queen Kapiolani wrote this for King David Kalakaua, 1891) - mp3 sample
9. Ninipo Ho'onipo - mp3 sample
10. `Ahulili - mp3 sample
11. Waikiki Hula - mp3 sample
12. Wahine `Ilikea - mp3 sample
13. Na Kup O Wai`anae - mp3 sample
14. Promises - mp3 sample
15. Lei Kupukupa - mp3 sample

Other Albums By Dennis Kamakahi:

  - Hui AlohaOhanaWaimaka HeleleiGift of Music
3/8/2013 Back in stock [DIGIPACK] Sleeve with no liner notes (as received from Distributor)
This is one of my personal favorites, pure and sweet. Slack Key at its finest!! Dennis is one of Hawaii's most prolific and romantic songwriters and a top favorite Hawaiian entertainer for the past 25 years.

Starting with the "Sons of Hawaii" at age 20, Dennis has written well over 400 songs of which many have become hula classics and are danced by our hula halaus (schools) world wide. Songs like Pua Home, Wahine 'Ilikea and Koke'e, my personal favorites, just to name a few. This album is a part of the Slack Key Master Series produced by George Winston.

In January 1999, he released his 2nd album "Ohana" on Dancing Cat Records, also produced by George Winston. This one features Dennis' nineteen year-old son, David on ukulele. It instantly placed in the top 20 on the Billboard World Music charts within a month of its release. (then shot up to #five)!!

You can hear samples on CD30. "Slack Key Guitar" is traced to the Mexican and Spanish Cowboys who were hired to teach Hawaiian Paniolo how to handle an over abundance of cattle. They would play softly to them at night to quiet them. Hawaiians adapted the guitar to their culture, developing unique tunings and sounds from the instrument.

To link to his web site click here:



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