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Kealii Reichel
Kealii Reichel
Kealii Reichel
Kealii Reichel
Kealii Reichel


Kealii Reichel - Kekuhi Kanahele - Uluwehi Guererro
Various Artists

Kukahi Live in Concert  
Kealii Reichel - E O Mai Artist: Keali`i Reichel
Title: E O Mai
Category: Traditional & Contemporary

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Catalog #: CD42

Listen to Real Audio Real Audio Clip and/or MP3 mp3 sample samples of songs with icons

1. `Auhea Wale Ana `Oe
A traditional chant composed in 1879.
2. E O Mai (words & music by Keali`i Reichel) - Real Audio Clip - mp3 sample
3. My Love is a Natural Thing... - Real Audio Clip - mp3 sample
A duet with Vanessa Rodrigues.
4. Pua Hinano - mp3 sample
Flowers of the Pandanus tree, aphrodisiac among Polynesians.
5. Patchwork Quilt - mp3 sample
In Hawaiian belief, calling someone's name makes them live again.
6. Ka 'Ano'i Pua - mp3 sample
7. He Lei No Kamaile - mp3 sample
A giftsong for Keali`i's grandmother, Kamaile. It honors the birthplace, homestead and lineage of Gramma and her family.
8. If I Had Words - mp3 sample
Theme from movie "Babe" with Oahu Church of Christ choir.
9. Malie's Song/Hawaiian Lullaby - mp3 sample
Featuring vocalists Uluwehi Guerrero and Jamie Lawrence.
10. Nematoda - mp3 sample
A HOKU AWARD WINNING song to chide people who behave like parasites.
11. Ballad of the Broken Word - mp3 sample
lyrics by Toshi Reagon
12. Song of Sovereignty - mp3 sample
" Cultural sovereignty is the steppingstone to political freedom."
13. Ka 'Opihi O Kanapou - mp3 sample
Composed and sung by Keali`i, "for the reawakening ceremonies on the island of Kaho'olawe, this is a lovemaking chant, it compares the delicacies of Kanapou Bay to certain parts of a lover's body, singing how it take a skilled fisherman to seek out, harvest, and prepare and enjoy such a sought after delicacy."

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The best selling male vocalist in Hawaii, Keali`i Reichel's three albums are romantic, with beautiful melodies and harmonies, and they easily transport the listener back to the memories of this island paradise.

Reichel, leading in the vanguard of artists singing more of their songs in the native language of Hawaiian, is inspiring a generation to learn, live and sing with the beautiful Hawaiian language. Keali`i teaches Hawaiian language as well as chanting and is one of the founders of the children's Hawaiian language school immersion program on Maui.

Reichel's album jackets have complete English translation of songs in Hawaiian into English.


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